Sticky Buns Recipe

This is a super easy recipe that I made for my very needy co-worker Brandy! lol! Just kidding B! I found the recipe online and made just a few changes!br>

2 cans of Buttermilk biscuits (I used Great Value brand)
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp cinnamon
1/2 stick butter (the real stuff)
Handful of pecan halves broken up into smaller pieces
1/2 cup syrup

In a microwave safe dish melt butter (40 seconds) in the microwave
To that add the 1/2 cup syrup
Stir together and set aside

In a small bowl mix together brown sugar, pecan pieces and cinnamon, set aside

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Get out your bundt pan and spray it down with Pam

Pour half of the syrup mixture into the bottom of the pan, and add 1/3 of the brown sugar mixture into that.

Now place 1 1/2 cans of the biscuits around the pan in a ring formation. (Originally it called for 1 can, it wasn't enough, and 2 would be too many in my opinion, so the 4 left over I baked separately for my kids to have with breakfast.)

Pour the remainder of the syrup mix over the biscuits and sprinkle the remaining brown sugar mix on too!

Bake for 25-30 minutes.

After you remove from the oven, flip the pan on top of a plate and remove the sticky buns on to the plate. (I failed to do that step and had to serve it in the pan @ work)

Here is a picture I found online....
And here is a picture of mine @ work about 3 hours later! They were yummy! I also got to use my Grandma Miller's bundt pan :)


Peanut Butter "Cookie" Ball

I have a problem with never feeling like I take enough food to gatherings. Tomorrow my office is having their annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck. I think it was a no-brainer that I would be taking some sort of dessert. Luckily one of my biggest fans, my friend Ann, ordered a dozen of my Delish Red Velvet cupcakes so I was left with 2 dozen to take to my potluck. That little voice in my head kept telling me I needed to take something else.

So I decided on cake balls and then decided I didnt want to even bake again tonight, so I remembered what a hit the "cookie" balls have been (including the men) so now I get to share my first simple recipe, its easy as well....pie!

First gather the items that you will need:
1 package of Chocolate Bark
2 (or 3) packages of Nutter Butter Cookies
2 blocks of softened cream cheese
food processor, mixer, spatula, wax paper and a small melon baller (thank you Pampered Chef)

Put both cream cheese blocks into mixer and "soften". (Missing picture, I forgot about my wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer for a split second and almost attempted to mix by hand, silly me)

Break up a package of cookies into food processor and turn it on so you get "crumbs" that look like what you see in the white bowl. I do 1 package @ a time, so its not so crowded in there.

Next, pour your "crumbs" into the mixer with the softened cream cheese. Mix until you get a good lumpy mixture, as seen here

Now, move over to your table, pull out some cookie sheets and line them with wax paper. Get your melon baller out and ball up the mixture to look like the below:

After you get all the balls made up (I got 61 out of it), place the cookie sheets in a freezer or the fridge for an hour.

Now its time to break up the chocolate bark in a microwave safe dish and melt it according to the directions (mine said 90 seconds then stir, and heat for 15 second intervals, stir until melted) it took me 90 seconds then 2 sets of 15 seconds.

Now you will dip each ball into the pool of wonderful melted chocolate using a fork, scoop it out, let the chocolate drip then place on wax paper to "settle". I added some sprinkles, because I had them, you can drizzle chocolate, add sprinkles or just leave them as is.

Poor lonely "cookie" ball.....
Don't worry, I will eat you! lol!!

Side note: You can freeze these, I froze 28 of them to have for my family thanksgiving get together. I will dip them in chocolate on the day of our celebration! I hope everyone enjoys and tries them out some day!


Black Friday $200 Visa card giveaway!!!!


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Gender Reveal Parties!!

I've been surrounded by babies here recently, I mean at work, in just the past year we've had 4 babies in our little department (ok, I borrowed a baby from the other accounting department, I needed it for the dramatic effect)! I'm so done with babies in my household, but I would really LOVE to plan a Gender Reveal party! They seem to super popular right now! I'm sure everyone has seen the cupcakes/cakes filled with colored frosting, you take a bite and BAM, now you know the sex of the new baby!

These are great! Not only do your friends and family get to be there to share in your exciting news, but they also get to have cupcakes, which always make people happy! I have soo many ideas for gender reveal themed parties! Hopefully soon I can organize and plan one!


Mid-week late night thoughts...

So I just finished a 4 hour baking frenzy, trying to get all of the cupcakes done that I volunteered to make for my kids school fall festival! I love baking and too much so love giving away cupcakes, but these mid-week sessions in our little kitchen just stress me. I think it's more of a reminder that I need to find a kitchen space that I can rent and work in. I also need another Kitchen Aid mixer and extra bowls and paddles. I wonder if Santa would agree with me??

I put together a cute little gift to send off to someone as a surprise, I cant wait to post pics of it, but I will wait until after they at least see it first!

I'm about to go to bed for a few hours, and tomorrow, Im going to try to come up with a schedule of how I think I want my postings to flow.  And then I have to squeeze in that schedule into my over-crowded existing schedule! I really don't know how us working mother's do it!

Ya'll have a good night!



Believe it or not, my mind is completely blank! I have been agonizing over what to post as my introduction. It seems silly and I'm still in shock that I was short of words!

So let's just get to the point. My name is Holly Johnson, I have fallen in love with baking and crafts! If my mom was dead she would be rolling over in her grave. Thank the good Lord, she is still alive and kickin' and I would like to think she is proud that her little girl has FINALLY taken up one of her passions.

It was nothing short of a miracle that I took up these hobbies. You see, I was a single mother of 3 wonderful kids (Collin, Sydnee and Gavin) and 1 chocolate Lab named Meg. When out of nowhere (the neighbors yard actually) came my knight in shining armor Joby and he swept me off my feet and promised to love me and my crazy hectic life, forever and ever! Fast forward 1 1/2 years, 4 kids (I gained my precious loving step daughter Destiny, and Joby got my 3), and all of a sudden I had a wedding to plan.

As if I wasn't busy enough with my full time job as an Accountant, my 24/7 job as a mother, cook, maid, chauffeur, referee and anything else my family needed, I decided that I wanted to plan and make everything for our special day. Yep, I did everything (with the help of my wonderful Mom and new Mother-in-Law).

In the process I learned that I love baking, cupcakes specifically, and I am actually pretty good at it. I also love making things (bunting, invitations, etc.), I adore blue mason jars, hay bales, quilts, candy buffets, and DIY weddings!

So after the wedding was over, I decided I had to keep on baking and I would love to offer my sevices helping people plan meaningful and personal weddings and parties. So that is how Holly Lolly Candy Buffets came to be!

So please stay tuned! Candy buffets, cupcakes and party ideas, what could be more fun??


Testing HootSuite

Test 1, 2, 3